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Our Puppy

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Hera is an apricot F1B mini/medium goldendoodle who weighs 55 pounds.  Her nickname is "Fancy Pants" because she is such a princess. Hera is the sweetest and smartest girl we have and just wants love and affection all day long!  


Molly is a cream F1 mini goldendoodle who weighs 36 pounds.  She is the athlete of the family.  She loves to swim, dive and chase the ball, but when she slows down she just snuggles all night long. 


Lilu is a beautiful merle F1 mini goldendoodle who weighs 38 pounds.  She is Molly's sister. She is the most amazing hugger!  Lilu is just a pleaser!  She listens all the time and is always happy!


Lemonie is an apricot F1 mini goldendoodle who weighs 31 pounds.  She is the house princess! Lemonie is sadly retiring as a momma after this June 2023 litter.  She loved being a momma more than any of the girls and will definitely miss it!  We plan to continue her gorgeous bloodline with Lila! 


Peanut is a red F1 mini goldendoodle who weighs 28 pounds.  Peanut (aka Stud Muffin, Muffin or Studly) is a true character!  He hobbies are chasing lizards and swimming, but more so wants to be held in the pool by his daddy!  He's mischievous, funny, super sweet and is always up for a good time!


Redford is our newest addition to our Doodle Lovin household.  We just

couldn't resist! His temperament is just amazing. His gorgeous phantom coat is just an added touch!  He is an F1B mini offspring from Lilu and

Lou's Dec 2022 litter.  We are hoping he will make a great stud in the near future!  So far he is tall and lanky 26 pounds! 


Lou is an a gorgeous, 22 pound, red moyen poodle stud, from a sister breeder in Spring Hill, FL, that sired Lilu's December 2022 litter.  We look forward to more litters from Lou in the future.  His perfect genetics and traits combined with Lilu's stunning merle make such unique babies!  

Two dogs

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